Southpaw regional wrestling season 1 episode 1

The various characters are played by actual wwe wrestlers, headed by announcers lance catamaran, chett chetterfield, and interviewer clint bobski chris jericho, with the rest of the cast including rusev and lana, tyler breeze, heath. If youre a fan of the wwe or wrestling then you should definitely watch the four short episodes but many are wondering who exactly is playing. The recently discovered video cassette tape includes the only remaining footage. Actually, southpaw regional wrestling is a web series that is an affectionate parody of early80s wrestling news segments, interviews, skits, and promos. Southpaw regional wrestling season 2 trailer cageside seats. Southpaws online videos are a parody of real professional wrestling promotions that operated in the southern united states in the 1980s. Wwe 2k20s southpaw regional wrestling takes you back to the 80s with zany, comedic characters. Weve been praying for more southpaw regional wrestling episodes and wwe delivered. John cena stars in season 2 of wwes southpaw regional. Wwe releases southpaw regional wrestling second season. August 23, 2018 a second batch of southpaw regional wrestling footage surfaces. Southpaw regional wrestling took the wrestling community by storm.

Southpaw regional wrestling episode 2 the butchers stick a fork in southpaw. Wwe chris jericho the list of jericho funniest moments 2017. Wwe may have a digital hit on its hands thanks to a miniseries called southpaw regional wrestling that stars john cena. Southpaw regional wrestling, the wwes webseries about. Southpaw regional wrestling needs to continue as an. With john cena, johnny curtis, andrew hankinson, chris jericho. Southpaw regional wrestling is a fictional professional wrestling promotion featured in an online video series produced by wwe. Southpaw is an upcoming 2015 american sports drama film directed by antoine fuqua and written by kurt sutter. Please unearth southpaw regional wrestling season iii i know southpaw wrestling vhs tapes may cost a full team of professional archeologists months to excavate, but it has been 5 months since the season 2 tapes were brought back to life without any further updates on season 3. Wwe southpaw regional wrestling season 3 teaser facebook.

Wwe launched on february 29, 2020, that the current goes to return and is able to occur within the summertime of 1994. A miniseries that parodies 80s southern wrestling, southpaw regional wrestling is a lowbudget wrestling show set in the late 80s featuring current wwe superstars playing 80s wrestling stereotypes. The best thing that has happened in the entire universe of professional wrestling in the year 2017 is southpaw regional wrestling. Talk is jericho recap w breezango origins of their name, southpaw regional wrestling, jerichos recent sd live appearance, more. Southpaw regional wrestling is back for another beautiful. The wwe teased earlier in the week that they will be showing a new comedy special on the wwe network and its youtube channel called southpaw regional wrestling.

The announcement was posted on twitter and featured chett chetterfield. These season 1 videos, which to date have received more than 2. The show parodies 80s wrestling in the south and features some of your favorite wwe superstars. Southpaw regional wrestling is one of the best things wwe have done lately. Southpaw regional wrestling is finally unleashed southpaw regional wrestling episode 1. A miniseries that parodies 80s southern wrestling, southpaw regional wrestling is a low budget wrestling show set in february 1987 featuring current wwe superstars playing 80s wrestling stereotypes building up to the ppv lethal leap year. Wwe 2k20 gets southpaw regional wrestling dlc and patch 1. The film is scheduled to be released on july 24, 2015, by the weinstein company. Comedy and professional wrestling join forces in the wwes weird, wonderful youtube series southpaw regional wrestling. Episode 65 southpaw regional wrestling join the super smark brothers as we love on southpaw regional wrestling and discuss a wide range of other topics from the week including.

The first four episodes have been uploaded and its original and a laugh out loud riot. Wwe has released a second season of southpaw regional wrestling, the parody of a 1980s wrestling promotion starring wwe superstars that took the. Wwe announced today that it is bringing back southpaw regional wrestling for a third season this summer. The discovery of a vhs cassette reveals the bizarre and hilarious history of a wrestling promotion once thought lost to time.

A character from this show will garner a cult following and end up transitioning to the main roster within a few months. We discovered more southpaw southpaw regional wrestling. Southpaw 2015 hollywood movie official trailer video. Jericho filmed episodes for southpaw regional wrestling after smackdown jericho could be featured on the southpaw regional wrestling show. Southpaw regional wrestling season 1 was a lot of fun.

Southpaw regional wrestling kicks off with its biggest show of. As the wwe explains in its first episode, an old vhs tape, with the label southpaw regional wrestling dont tape over was recently found in the companys archives, and on it, there. The verdict is in, and southpaw regional wrestlingwwes satirical take on classic wrestling territoriesis a critically acclaimed success. The southpaw regional wrestling family is about to get bigger. The following features will be free to access for gamers who purchased the 2k20 season pass, or from midnight today. The always effervescent chett chetterfield delivers riveting southpaw regional wrestling news. Wwe released the first four episodes of the spoof online series southpaw regional wrestling on friday. Southpaw regional wrestling seemed like a onetime thing, featuring a select few wwe superstars in a few episodes parodying the vibe of southern american wrestling in the. Ahead of wwe summerslam, watch season 2 of southpaw. A strange vhs cassette reveals a lost wrestling promotion, featuring john cena, fandango, rusev and more wwe superstars. The show was a hit last year among wwe fans and the company gave the okay for a second season.

The film stars jake gyllenhaal, forest whitaker, and rachel mcadams. Wwe announces southpaw regional wrestling is returning. Left to right john cena and nikki bella arrive on the red carpet at the 2017 nbcuniversal upfront on may 15. For those who have never watched, the premise of the show is a parody of studio wrestling and the territory days featuring current wwe superstars playing different. Southpaw regional wrestling is one of the best things wwe. Watch southpaw 2015 hollywood movie, online free dvdrip, download southpaw 2015 hollywood movie, 2015 full. Wwe released four southpaw regional wrestling videos on its website, youtube and the wwe network on march 17, 2017.

Whats a simple miniseries on youtube produced by the wwe has now spawned a second season, featuring even more wrestlers than before now, season 2 of southpaw regional wrestling takes place before season 1, serving as a prequel to give more insight into how some of the characters got to where they were in the first season. The new season features john cena, luke gallows, karl anderson, chris jericho, breezango, daniel bryan, aj styles, seth rollins, big e, dolph ziggler, renee young, the ascension, rhyno, xavier woods. Wwe releases southpaw regional wrestling episodes 14. We dusted off our vcr to bring you long lost footage from a renegade promotion called southpaw regional wrestling.

The series begins with the explanation that a video cassette was found in the wwe. The blacklist uses animation to complete season finale. Southpaw regional wrestling returning for third season. Episode 65 southpaw regional wrestling by super smark. Southpaw regional wrestling southpaw regional wrestling, the quite a bit beloved fictional wrestling internet sequence from wwe goes to make its return with a third season. Wwe posted an episode of southpaw regional wrestling. Heres the food joe burrow got catered for the nfl draft at his house tonight lsu. Good news for fans of southpaw regional wrestling, the obscure 1980s wrestling promotion whose videocassettes were recently unearthed and aired on wwes youtube channel. Ash vs evil dead season 3 2018 lokakuuta 52 syyskuuta 37.

Trending now this story has been shared 6,080 times. Southpaw regional wrestling is finally unleashed episode 2. Southpaw regional wrestling where to stream and watch. Southpaw regional wrestling john cena stars in hilarious. Back in march, wwe released low budget wrestling skits highlighting regional wrestling promotions from the days of old late 80s, and when i tell you this was the funniest thing ive seen from wwe minus xavier woods upupdowndown youtube channel, usos.

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