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The hp 82240b infrared printer welcome back to the hewlett packard of the past. Hp 19bii business consultant ii calculator w 82240b. Hp ba19ii business consultant ii financial calculator and hp 82240b infrared printer. Turns out it had just been modded by a previous owner so i just. Hp designed the 82240b, a batterypowered, thermal printer, specifically for use with its calculators. Manuals or user guides for your hp officejet pro 8610 eallinone printer. Experience a clutterfree printing with the hp 82240b printer connecting it with your infrared calculator. I know the basics, what is in the user s manual guide i already know.

It was the first hp scientific calculator to use algebraic entry instead of rpn, and though it was labelled scientific, it also included features associated with specialised business calculators. All items have been previously used, but have been fully tested and include a 90 day exchange warranty. Technical detailshewlettpackards hp 48gx is the most powerful calculator in the 48 series, offering the same advanced calculation and programmability features as its siblings, along with expansion options that should appeal to power users and programmers. Operation and service guide hp 8648abcd signal generator serial numbers this manual applies directly to the following hp 8648 modelserial prefix combinations and below. Before asking a question about the hp 48, read the faq first.

This is an ir receiver and interface for adapting a commodity receipt printer to be 82240b compatible. Hp 82240b infrared printer technical interfacing guide. The hp 48gii is hewlettpackards midrange graphing calculator. Product information about the hp 82240b infrared printer. Hp50g printing on 82240b hp support community 3162937. Also includes manual, soft case for calculator, ac power adapter for printer, and brand new batteries installed in calculator. Cases, memory cards, keyboards, printers, cables, adapters, software, manuals, and more. Producing hard copies in the field or in your office could not be easier. Hewlett packard hp 50g rpn and algebraic graphing calculator.

Throw it all in a shoebox and shake vigorously until it comes together. User manual assembly instructions manual assembly instructions service. Hp 82240b ir receiver and printer interface hackaday. This page was provided for information purpose only. Online since 1994, samson cables continues to provide international service to the hewlett packard handheld community. Its printing very light right now and i dont have the manual that. So your 12v adapter is just fine, although its capable of supplying more current than the printer really needs.

Sturdy, slow, heavy, and yet the only practical way to print with your infraredenabled hp calculator. Since this is a used item, it may show some minor signs of use but should not affect performance. All the hp manuals and users guides are available for free view without any registration. To download the pdf version of these manuals, click on the picture of the manual. To locate your free hp hewlettpackard manual, choose a product type below. The hp 82240b infrared printer was developed by hp in the 1980s, and is expensive. Hp 82240b infrared printer manual the hp 82240b printer manual contains information on many topics such as. Please note that hewlettpackard s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis businesses are now part of agilent technologies. You can find the expressly provided hp limited warranty applicable to your product located with the user guides on your tablet andor on the cddvd provided in the box.

Hp 8920b with hp 83206a tdma cellular adapter hp 83236a pcs interface improve throughput and quality hp 8920b rf. Battery door on calculator is broken as is very common with these calculators but works fine held with tape. Please note that hewlettpackards former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis businesses are now part of agilent technologies. Hewlett packard hp82240b infrared printer for calculators. Infrared printer, four aa alkaline batteries, one roll of printer paper and users guide.

Consult the users guide that came with your calculator. Control switches explains the control switches on the printer. Best and cheapest place to buy hewlett packard calculators and accessories on the internet with secure online ordering to any country in the world. All this is made possible by the expansion card slot. Paper what type of paper to use and how to load it into the printer. Familiarize yourself with these notes before operating this instrument. The hp 8920b is a fullfunction rf test set with accuracy, speed, and flexibility for testing land mobile radios, cellular telephones, and other communications systems while improving throughput and quality in manufacturing. Some folks asked about the feasibility of crufting one together from cheap receipt printer cores, and i thought that might be a fun thing to do, so here we go ahacking. Parts and accessories for your hp 95lx, 100lx, and 200lx palmtops. Powering the 82240b ir printer the museum of hp calculators.

Here youll find all replacement original documentation that we have available. Hp can identify most hp products and recommend possible solutions. Use 2024 lb or 7590 gm 2 plain paper for multipurpose, everyday. Genuine leather case for hp 82240b infrared printers for hp calculators. The hp 50g seems to have all the capabilities of the hp 48sx, except that it seems to lack the capability to print via the ir port to my hp 82240b ir thermal printer. This oldie but goodie hp accessory is a battery powered wireless printer that was specifically designed for printing graphics. Anyone know where i can get a manual for a hp 82240b infrared. Both roman8 and ecma94 character sets are supported. Hewlett packard hp82240b infrared printer for calculators, auto testers, analyzers, and scanners home accessories calculator printers, overheads, and other output devices hewlett packard hp82240b infrared printer for calculators, auto testers, analyzers, and scanners. Camcorder cell phone desktop digital camera flat panel tv headphone home theater system laptop monitor mp3 player network card network router power supply projector speaker system storage switch tv. Hp 82240b infrared printer with manual, power cord with box, thermal paper in box and manual. I cannot find any printer keys or menus on the calculator, or any reference to printing in the documentation user s guide and user s manual. The hp 82240b infrared printer is a portable thermal. All led calculators and the lcd hp 41 series are supplied by rechargeable battery packs.

Hp references in this manual sonoma state university. Hewlett packard hp 82240b infrared printer for calculators, auto testers, analyzers, and scanners. If your computer is not compatible for upgrade to windows 10, we can help to find the. The cost of adding the infrared transmitting circuitry in the calculator is low.

The 88240 printed 24 characters per line in a 5 x 8 cell. This user manual refers to special features of dm42. When i tried to print from either my hp 48gx or hp 17b, every third pixel row was blank effectively rendering the printout unreadable. Another student, umiro tarawalie of university of makeni commented, the calculator i got is the. Information on hp 50g io functions infrared capabilities. Batteries what batteries to use and how to install them. Hp 3245a universal source operating, repair manual.

To control this printer by a hp 41 series model, an extra module is needed, the hp 82242a. Hp recommends that you begin the process of upgrading to windows 10 if your computer has been tested by hp. Hp agilent test equipment pdf manuals cd downloads. Our inventory is constantly changing, so please visit us often. From the box style to the manuals, to the polythene packaging, this product smells like 20 years old. Project hp 82240b ir receiver and printer interface. Hp 82240b infrared printer w5 rolls of thermal paper. An example is the printed calendar shown in figure one.

Replacement calculator manuals and user guides home accessories replacement calculator manuals and user guides. The receiver end of the link is substantially more expensive and area consuming. Read this chapter to learn about best practices after you set up your tablet and about where to find additional hp. Because it operates with an invisible infrared beam, no cord is necessary to connect it to the calculator. It calls attention to a procedure which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in injury or loss of life. It is the number two source of information about the hp 48 after the users manual, of course, and everyone should get a copy of this frequently asked questions list. You can use any size paper that fits easily within the paper adjusters of the printer. It can be considered the little brother to the 50g, offering nearly all the same functionality, but with a significantly cheaper price, smaller screen, slower processor, no expandability, different case, and cheaper appearance. Hp officejet pro 8610 eallinone printer manuals hp. The seller provided not the original adapter but a canon one6v, 1a, 15w output. The museum of hp computers is a collection of hp computing products introduced between 1966 and 1991. Infrared transmitting was chosen as the best interface between the calculator and the printer.

We have one of these little printers in our shop that our battery tester prints to. The hp 82240b printer manual contains information on many topics such as. The hp48gx is the only calculator that industry leaders tds, smi, and ramss make cogo cards for. A link to an extensive list of hp learning modules is. Hewlett packard hp 50g used rpn and algebraic graphing calculator. Gene is an experienced finance professional and his detail and insight provides a close look at the hp30b. Each calculator series uses its own type of battery pack. It didnt work when i took delivery of it from the states via ebay. I sell new and used hewlettpackard calculators, cards, books, manuals, replacement parts, and other related accessories. This hp82240b batterypowered infrared printer is a revolutionary companion for your new calculator. Hp 48gx graphing calculator used item in stock and in good condition.

This agilent hp 8157a optical attenuator is used and in excellent condition. The hp 82240b infrared printer is a portable thermal printer that works with 24 hp calculators. User manual operating instructions 8 5 print shots screen for a hard copy of your data, you can transmit the data recorded from the pt4 to an optional portable thermal printer hewlett packard hp 82240b available direct from competition electronics. Pc this instrument includes the standard agilent optical interface. Configuration 1200 to 1650 nm wavelength range our technician measured an insertion loss of 1. The 82240 was a portable thermal printer designed for use with hp handheld computerscalculators. And this improved version offers easiertoread output and automatic shutoff for extended battery life.

To charge this battery pack a dedicated charger must be used. I would appreciate a lot if someone has more information on hp 50g io functions apps key, option 2, related to the use of the infrared port. Hewlett packard hp50g rpn and algebraic graphing calculator. This thermal printer is controlled via an infrared link. The hp48gx is the only calculator that has data collection modules.

The following safety notes are used throughout this manual. Hp references in this manual this manual may contain references to hp or hewlettpackard. Hewlettpackard company shall bear no responsibility for its correctness, nor for any use to which it may be put. The hp 27s was a pocket calculator produced by hewlettpackard, introduced in 1988, and discontinued between 1990 and 1993 sources vary. For their printable characters, 32255, the traditional hp roman8 character set is used in both the 28 series calculators and the 82240a printer. Learn about what was discussed at the 39th hewlettpackard handheld conference hhc dedicated to hp calculators, held. In some countriesregions, hp may provide a printed hp limited warranty. The keysight 83640b synthesized sweeper is the standard of excellence for applications requiring the high performance and accuracy of a synthesized source and the speed and versatility of a sweep oscillator. As noted above, the hp 82240a and hp 82240b ir thermal strip printers use the special redeye encoding.

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